I must be crazy!

Well world, wish me luck. Time to say goodbye to my “Paxhell” existence. Many hours of googling later, I’ve absorbed much sage advice (one of which was to journal my detox/withdrawal) thus this (and subsequent ) posts.

I share a common bond with the other survivors/addicts/victims(volunteers?) who travel this very same lonely path. I undertook this journey unwittingly, albeit well-intentioned in my desire, many years ago to avoid “the fear”. Little did I know, it was an invitation to possession instead. Like Dracula, you’re only subject to it if you give into its temptation…if you invite it in. I shall not go into the abyss of describing life on Paxil, there are many, many (and I mean many) pages recounting our stories.

This is my story of weaning off Paxil. 5 days ago I halved my dosage. From 20 mg to 10 mg. Withdrawal symptoms started with night sweats and cold chills interrupting my sleep. Now I am experiencing a daily dose of dizziness/wooziness and “I swear my head is about 2 feet above my neck / I’m a walking bobble-head” . Plus the nausea. Holy Crap and I’m still at 10 mg.

Seriously considered going “cold-turkey” but that can be very dangerous and too risky for my heart, so I guess it’s the slow and steady route. Maybe I’ll ask my Doc about the liquid Prozac option, easier to wean off of? I’ll keep you posted.

On a more positive note, my libido has returned and now I seem to be able to complete my sentences and even recall more elaborate words. Yeehaw! (that wasn’t one of them)

Today I started taking a B-complex vitamin. Plus I am making home-made chicken liver pate with hard-boiled eggs in it for dinner because I read that choline and lecithin are beneficial while withdrawing from Paxil. Both liver and eggs are good sources – and because I freakin’ totally love this pate and it’s easy to make!

To those struggling with this demon (and others) know my heart and prayers are with you all.  May we find our LIGHT at the end of this tunnel (and not a train).


Big Hugs to you all, xoxoxoxox

The lovely and talented, Mamazander ❤


~ by mamazander on March 7, 2013.

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