NEVER make a mother choose between something/someone or their children. In my world, a mother puts her children before and above all else, including herself, always.

As a mother, it’s a sacred contract for me. I now know it’s why I am here. It’s why I chose to be here and to stay here (for now). It’s why I am who I am. My greatest joy is being their Mom, and my greatest heartaches are theirs. Hurt them, hurt me.

While I may not stand up for myself, I will stand tall for my children. Always!

This is not to say I do for them what they must learn to do for themselves. I’ve stopped doing that – mostly – for I believe my role is to teach/mentor and show them how to embrace/become all that THEY ARE already. All that WE all are, and have always been.

Growing up that was NEVER a consideration. It was not who you are, it was what you can do, and for whom, and what you can possess.

To empower my children (and future generations) to know their true birthright and value – so they may never know the limitations placed on so many, by a superficial and transient society that was ill-guided and misinformed. That is my calling. As adults so many of us are now searching to reconnect to our divine purpose. Buried under decades of industrialism, progress and technology which has mistakenly made our lives unfulfilling rather than a celebration of it’s true purpose (beyond the selfish, egomaniacal and hedonistic, narcissism driven objectives of certain individuals) of abundance, joy and peace.

And that, is my rant, ’nuff said (for now).

Big hugs to all xoxoxox MamaZ

~ by mamazander on February 26, 2013.

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