HaPpY HeArTs Day

Have you ever truly thought about what really matters to you? If you knew you were to lose absolutely everything tomorrow, what memories will you treasure? And if you are lucky enough, who or what, would you hold on to? What special people or things remind you that life is better everyday?

For me today is not just a day for lovers, cards and chocolates, it is a celebration of life and love. If you are blessed to have found a union that makes you a better person, and makes everyday special, celebrate that.  Most of us are, IF we open ourselves to it.

I recall how frightened I was the first night I brought our new dog Molly home (she was a rescue and it is her picture that adorns my many profiles). I snuggled up close to her, encircling her back. There we were, laying on her new bed on the floor in front of the fire. And I cried into the fur on the nape of her neck. Sobbing I confessed to her that I was so afraid to love her, (although I already did – we both knew it the day we first met at the shelter), for the fear that the pain of losing her one day would be more than I could bear.  That night with Molly I felt safe. I shared my deepest, most profound, most honest and vulnerable loving self. Without the fear of judgement, criticism, reprimand or rejection it spewed forth and I enjoyed a sense of tranquility, unlike anything I had ever known. Molly made me a better person and made everyday special.

Molly-Doll (as I called her) crossed the Rainbow Bridge a little over a year ago. And yes the pain of losing her was profound, but I bore it on shoulders made stronger and a heart made bigger by having loved her. In the 8+ years we had together she taught me so much about myself, about patience, and about unconditional love.  

Today as the world celebrate’s Valentine’s Day with cards, chocolates, and other material gifts, remember that one of the greatest gifts you can ever give is Love. True authentic, untethered love. True love makes the world a better place and you a better person. Share it, radiate it all around you – without fear of judgement, criticism, reprimand or rejection and without expectations. Unless those things are what really matter to you?

Do all things with love.  HaPpY HeArTs DaY

Mamazander & Molly ❤


~ by mamazander on February 14, 2013.

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